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Editorial Activity

Since 2007     Editor-in-Chief, Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR) (ISSN: 1864-9904; Berlin: Lexxion)

2007               Executive Editor, Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law (JEEPL) (ISSN: 1613-7272; Leiden: Brill Nijhoff)

2001-2003     Editor, Finnish Yearbook of International Law (FYBIL) (ISSN: 0786-6453; Leiden: Brill Nijhoff)

Referee Activity

Climate and Development; Climate Policy; Energy & Environment; Environmental Economics and Policy Studies; International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics; Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management; International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making; Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change; Oxford Journal of World Energy Law & Business; Review of European Community and International Environmental Law; Sustainability; and WIREs Climate Change.

Monographs and Edited Volumes

Journal Articles (Selection)

  • “Frameworks for International Climate Cooperation: Assessing the Alternatives.” 4 Journal of International Organizations Studies (2013:1): 13-35.
  • “Between Twilight and Renaissance: Changing Prospects for the Carbon Market.” 6 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2012:4): 277-290.
  • “Beyond Déjà Vu: Opportunities for Policy Learning from Emissions Trading in Developed Countries.” 6 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2012:4): 291-305 (with Sonja Klinsky and Andreas Tuerk).
  • “How Germany Became Europe’s Green Leader: A Look at Four Decades of Sustainable Policymaking.” 2 Solutions (2011): 51-63 (with Ralph Buehler, Arne Jungjohann, and Melissa Keeley).
  • “Improving the Clean Development Mechanism Post-2012: A Developing Country Perspective.” 4 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2010:1): 76-85 (with Nhan T. Nguyen, Minh Ha-Duong, and Sandra Greiner).
  • “Linking Carbon Markets: Concepts, Case Studies and Pathways.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 341-357 (with Andreas Tuerk, Christian Flachsland, and Wolfgang Sterk).
  • “Linking Existing and Proposed GHG Emissions Trading Schemes in North America.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 373-388 (with Erik Haites).
  • “Mechanisms for Linking Emissions Trading Schemes.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 169-184 (with Erik Haites).
  • “From Autonomy to Integration? International Law, Free Trade and the Environment.” 77 Nordic Journal of International Law (2008): 253-273 (with Anja Lindroos).
  • “Global Climate Change and the Fragmentation of International Law.” 30 Law & Policy (2008): 423-449 (with Harro van Asselt and Francesco Sindico).
  • “Das zukünftige Klimaschutz-Regime der Vereinten Nationen: Ein Wegweiser durch die Verhandlungsarchitektur.” 5 Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht (6:2007): 259-266 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “A Nutrient Quota Trading Scheme to Reduce the Eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.” 4 Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law (2007:4): 296-311 (with Karl Upston-Hooper).
  • “Tracking Down the Future Climate Regime: An Assessment of Current Negotiations under the U.N.” 1 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2007:1): 4-16 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “The European Union and Climate Change: Leading the Way towards a Post-2012 Regime?” 1 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2007:1): 45-52 (with Leonardo Massai).
  • “Breathing Life into the Carbon Market: Legal Frameworks of Emissions Trading in Europe” 16 European Environmental Law Review (2007:4): 96-115 (with Karoliina Anttonen and Karl Upston-Hooper).
  • “Bridging the Transatlantic Divide: Legal Aspects of a Link between Regional Carbon Markets in Europe and the United States.” 7 Sustainable Development Law & Policy (2007:2): 46-52.
  • “Germany: New Energy Tax – A Sign of Progress?” 44 Tax Notes International (2006): 267-269.
  • “Klimagipfel in Montreal: Der Weg in eine zweigleisige Zukunft.” 17 Zeitschrift für Umweltrecht (2006:6): 291-295 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “‘Alive and Kicking’: The 1st Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.” 15 Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (2006): 193-201 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “Evolving Carbon Markets in the European Union – International Linkages and Lessons from Implementation (Review Essay).” 7 Yearbook of European Environmental Law (2005): 482-491.
  • “Dispelling the Chimera of Self-Contained Regimes: International Law and the WTO.” 16 European Journal of International Law (2006): 857-877 (with Anja Lindroos).
  • “Implementing the Kyoto Protocol in a Multidimensional Legal System: Lessons from a Comparative Assessment.” 15 Yearbook of International Environmental Law (2005): 3-79 (with Michael Rodi, Elizabeth Zelljadt and Janine Rechel).
  • “Projektbezogene Mechanismen und ihre Einbindung in den europäischen Emissionshandel: Die 'Linking Directive'” 29 Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft (2005:1): 78-84.
  • “Emissions Trading and National Allocation in the Member States: An Achilles Heel of European Climate Policy?” 5 Yearbook of European Environmental Law (2003): 113-156.
  • “Betwixt Scylla and Charybdis? Effectiveness in International Environmental Law.” 13 Finnish Yearbook of International Law (2002): 129-182.
  • “The Ecological Tax Reform in Germany.” 26 Tax Notes International (2000): 871-878.

Book Chapters and Articles in Edited Volumes (Selection)

  • "Transparency of Climate Change Policies, Markets and Corporate Practices." In The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency, edited by Jens Forssbaeck and Lars Oxelheim. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014 (with Thomas L. Brewer).
  • "The Changing Architecture of International Climate Change Law." In Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law, edited by Geert van Calster, Wim Vandenberghe, and Leonie Reins. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2014 (with Harro van Asselt and Clarisse Kehler Siebert).
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  • “Designing Environmental Taxes in Countries in Transition: A Case Study of Vietnam.” In Handbook of Research on Environmental Taxation, edited by Janet E. Milne and Mikael S. Andersen, 122-138. Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar, 2013 (with
 Michael Rodi and Kai Schlegelmilch).
  • “Implementing Climate Law: Instrument Choice and Interaction.” In Climate Change and the Law, edited by Erkki J. Hollo, Kati Kulovesi and Michael Mehling, 11-30. Dordrecht: Springer, 2013.
  • “Alternative Venues of Climate Cooperation: An Institutional Perspective.” In Climate Change and the Law, edited by Erkki J. Hollo, Kati Kulovesi and Michael Mehling, 111-141. Dordrecht: Springer, 2013 (with Camilla Bausch).
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  • “International Trade Policy in a World of Different Carbon Prices.” In Competitive Distortions and Leakage in a World of Different Carbon Prices: Trade, Competitiveness and Employment Challenges when Meeting the Post-2012 Climate Commitments in the European Union, edited by the European Parliament. 23-34. Strasbourg: European Parliament, 2008 (with Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf and Ralph Czarnecki).
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Unpublished Reports and Policy Papers (Selection)

Conference Presentations and Papers (Selection)