Editorial Activity

Since 2018     Member of the Editorial Board, Energy & Environment (ISSN: 0958-305X; Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publishing)

Since 2007     Editor-in-Chief, Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR) (ISSN: 1864-9904; Berlin: Lexxion)

2007              Executive Editor, Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law (JEEPL) (ISSN: 1613-7272; Leiden: Brill Nijhoff)

2001-2003     Editor, Finnish Yearbook of International Law (FYBIL) (ISSN: 0786-6453; Leiden: Brill Nijhoff)

Referee Activity

Referee for Cambridge University Press; Edward Elgar; Oxford University Press; and various peer-reviewed journals, including: Carbon ManagementClimate and DevelopmentClimate PolicyClimatic ChangeEnergy & EnvironmentEnergy PolicyEnergy Research & Social ScienceEnvironmental and Resource EconomicsEnvironmental Economics and Policy StudiesFrontiers in EnergyGreenhouse Gas Measurement & ManagementInternational & Comparative Law QuarterlyInternational Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and EconomicsInternational Journal of Marine and Coastal LawJouleJournal of Energy & Natural Resources LawMcGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and PolicyMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global ChangeOne WorldOxford Journal of World Energy Law & BusinessQuantitative Finance and EconomicsReview of European, Comparative and International Environmental LawScienceSustainability; and Transnational Environmental Law.

Monographs and Edited Volumes

Journal Articles (Selection)

  • “The Legal and Economic Case for an Auction Reserve Price in the EU Emissions Trading System.” 26 Columbia Journal of European Law (with Carolyn Fischer, Leonie Reins, Dallas Burtraw, David Langlet, Åsa Löfgren, Stefan Weishaar, Lars Zetterberg, Harro van Asselt, and Kati Kulovesi; forthcoming 2020).
  • “Governing Cooperative Approaches under the Paris Agreement.” 46 Ecology Law Quarterly (forthcoming 2020).
  • “Teaching Climate Law: Trends, Methods, and Outlook.” 31 Journal of Environmental Law (with Harro van Asselt, Kati Kulovesi and Elisa Morgera; forthcoming 2020).* https://doi:10.1093/jel/eqz036
  • “Global Environmental Law: Context and Theory, Challenge and Promise.” 8(3) Transnational Environmental Law (2019): 399–403 (with Kati Kulovesi and Elisa Morgera).* https://doi:10.1017/S2047102519000347
  • “Designing Border Carbon Adjustments for Enhanced Climate Action.” 113 American Journal of International Law (2019): 433-481 (with Harro van Asselt, Kasturi Das, Susanne Dröge and Cleo Verkuijl).*
  • “Making the International Trading System Work for Climate Change: Assessing the Options.” 49 Environmental Law Reporter (2019): 10553-10580 (with Kasturi Das, Harro van Asselt and Susanne Droege).
  • “Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement).” 48 Environmental Law (2018:4): 647-698 (with Gilbert E. Metcalf and Robert N. Stavins).
  • “Negotiating the Paris Rulebook: Introduction to the Special Issue.” 12 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2018:3): 173-183 (with Harro van Asselt and Kati Kulovesi).
  • “Beat Protectionism and Emissions at a Stroke.” 559 Nature (2018): 321-324 (with Harro van Asselt, Kasturi Das and Susanne Dröge).
  • “Carbon Pricing and Deep Decarbonisation.” 121 Energy Policy (2018): 185-189 (with Endre Tvinnereim).
  • “Carbon Pricing and the 1.5°C Target: Near-Term Decarbonisation and the Importance of an Instrument Mix.” 12 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2018:1): 50-61 (with Endre Tvinnereim).
  • “Linking Climate Policies to Advance Global Mitigation.” 359 Science (2018:6379): 997-998 (with Gilbert E. Metcalf and Robert N. Stavins).
  • “The Trade System and Climate Action: Ways Forward Under the Paris Agreement.” 17 South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business (2017): 195-276 (with Susanne Dröge, Harro van Asselt and Kasturi Das)
  • “A New Direction for US Climate Policy: Assessing the First 100 Days of Donald Trump's Presidency.” 11 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2017:1): 3-24.
  • “Ambitious Climate Policy through Centralization? Evidence from the European Union.” 17 Climate Policy (2017: Supplement 1): S32-S50 (with Camilla Bausch and Benjamin Görlach).
  • “The Comparative Law of Climate Change: A Research Agenda.” 24(3) Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law (2015): 341-352.
  • “Frameworks for International Climate Cooperation: Assessing the Alternatives.” 4 Journal of International Organizations Studies (2013:1): 13-35.
  • “Between Twilight and Renaissance: Changing Prospects for the Carbon Market.” 6 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2012:4): 277-290.
  • “Beyond Déjà Vu: Opportunities for Policy Learning from Emissions Trading in Developed Countries.” 6 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2012:4): 291-305 (with Sonja Klinsky and Andreas Tuerk).
  • “How Germany Became Europe’s Green Leader: A Look at Four Decades of Sustainable Policymaking.” 2 Solutions (2011): 51-63 (with Ralph Buehler, Arne Jungjohann, and Melissa Keeley).
  • “Improving the Clean Development Mechanism Post-2012: A Developing Country Perspective.” 4 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2010:1): 76-85 (with Nhan T. Nguyen, Minh Ha-Duong, and Sandra Greiner).
  • “Linking Carbon Markets: Concepts, Case Studies and Pathways.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 341-357 (with Andreas Tuerk, Christian Flachsland, and Wolfgang Sterk).
  • “Linking Existing and Proposed GHG Emissions Trading Schemes in North America.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 373-388 (with Erik Haites).
  • “Mechanisms for Linking Emissions Trading Schemes.” 9 Climate Policy (2009): 169-184 (with Erik Haites).
  • “From Autonomy to Integration? International Law, Free Trade and the Environment.” 77 Nordic Journal of International Law (2008): 253-273 (with Anja Lindroos).
  • “Global Climate Change and the Fragmentation of International Law.” 30 Law & Policy (2008): 423-449 (with Harro van Asselt and Francesco Sindico).
  • “Das zukünftige Klimaschutz-Regime der Vereinten Nationen: Ein Wegweiser durch die Verhandlungsarchitektur.” 5 Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht (6:2007): 259-266 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “A Nutrient Quota Trading Scheme to Reduce the Eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.” 4 Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law (2007:4): 296-311 (with Karl Upston-Hooper).
  • “Tracking Down the Future Climate Regime: An Assessment of Current Negotiations under the U.N.” 1 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2007:1): 4-16 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “The European Union and Climate Change: Leading the Way towards a Post-2012 Regime?” 1 Carbon & Climate Law Review (2007:1): 45-52 (with Leonardo Massai).
  • “Breathing Life into the Carbon Market: Legal Frameworks of Emissions Trading in Europe” 16 European Environmental Law Review (2007:4): 96-115 (with Karoliina Anttonen and Karl Upston-Hooper).
  • “Bridging the Transatlantic Divide: Legal Aspects of a Link between Regional Carbon Markets in Europe and the United States.” 7 Sustainable Development Law & Policy (2007:2): 46-52.
  • “Germany: New Energy Tax – A Sign of Progress?” 44 Tax Notes International (2006): 267-269.
  • “Klimagipfel in Montreal: Der Weg in eine zweigleisige Zukunft.” 17 Zeitschrift für Umweltrecht (2006:6): 291-295 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “‘Alive and Kicking’: The 1st Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.” 15 Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (2006): 193-201 (with Camilla Bausch).
  • “Evolving Carbon Markets in the European Union – International Linkages and Lessons from Implementation (Review Essay).” 7 Yearbook of European Environmental Law (2005): 482-491.
  • “Dispelling the Chimera of Self-Contained Regimes: International Law and the WTO.” 16 European Journal of International Law (2006): 857-877 (with Anja Lindroos).
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  • “Betwixt Scylla and Charybdis? Effectiveness in International Environmental Law.” 13 Finnish Yearbook of International Law (2002): 129-182.
  • “The Ecological Tax Reform in Germany.” 26 Tax Notes International (2000): 871-878.

Book Chapters and Articles in Edited Volumes (Selection)

  • “Linking Carbon Markets: Legal and Institutional Issues and Lessons for Northeast Asia.” In Carbon Market Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Assessing Challenges and Overcoming Barriers, edited by Jackson Ewing. 31-40. New York, N.Y.: Asia Society Policy Institute, 2018.
  • “Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement).” In International Cooperation in East Asia to Address Climate Change, edited by Robert N. Stavins and Robert C. Stowe, 49-52. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, 2018 (with Robert N. Stavins and Gilbert E. Metcalf).
  • “Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement).” In Market Mechanisms and the Paris Agreement, edited by Robert N. Stavins and Robert C. Stowe, 43-46. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, 2017 (with Robert N. Stavins and Gilbert E. Metcalf).
  • “Article 193 TFEU (Environment).” In The Law of the European Union – A Commentary of the Treaties, edited by Christian Campbell, Peter Herzog, and Gudrun Zagel. Newark, N.J.: Matthew Bender, 2016.
  • “Legal Frameworks for Linking National Emissions Trading Systems.” In The Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law, edited by Cinnamon P. Carlarne, Kevin R. Gray, and Richard Tarasofsky, 261-288. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
  • "Transparency of Climate Change Policies, Markets and Corporate Practices." In The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency, edited by Jens Forssbaeck and Lars Oxelheim. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014 (with Thomas L. Brewer).
  • "The Changing Architecture of International Climate Change Law." In Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law, edited by Geert van Calster, Wim Vandenberghe, and Leonie Reins. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2014 (with Harro van Asselt and Clarisse Kehler Siebert).
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 Michael Rodi and Kai Schlegelmilch).
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Unpublished Reports and Policy Papers (Selection)